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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Stones, man

At last, I've consolidated all of my music onto a Firewire drive. Pre G5 it was scattered around various Macs and drives, so during the last week I've made an effort to group it properly, and sort out the ID3 tags and artwork. My taste in music is pretty straightforward - I love Rock 'n Roll, especially if it's by The Stones, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop and The Cramps. Check out my AudioScrobbler Stats stats to find out more, and don't forget to sign up yourself, if you're not already a member.

So it's vintage Stones week and I'm kicking it off with a classic, Out Of Our Heads. I recently picked up the reissue of this with the extra tracks and it's excellent, so raw and trashy. A perfect 10/10.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Quartz Composer

Quartz Composer flies on the G5. I pushed it to the limits on my Powerbook and a lot of the GPU intensive effects were disabled, so it's very pleasing to see it performing on a high end workstation.

Here's some trippy text trails.


Cinema 4D G5 tests

Today I'm doing some speed tests on my shiny new G5. Nothing measured or scientific, just sitting back and watching as it canes through some renders. Scenes like this with complex lighting were *agonisngly* slow on my G4 so I never attempted to render them at print res, but the G5 spits them out in minutes. Very impressive, I love this machine.

Spec: Dual 2ghz PowerMac G5, OSX 10.4, 2.5GB Ram, nVidia 6800 Ultra DDL, Cinema 4D 8.


Transmission Central

Lisa Molson, London 2004. One of the Transmission Central series of 30 images. Available from Getty Images and Adobe Stock Photos in Adobe CS2.


Saturday, June 04, 2005

Album Cover Art

Extreme Beats album cover.


Album cover art

Most of my work is for the entertainment and publishing industries. I've designed over 50 album covers since 1998.



Front cover Illustration, Laptop Magazine (1 of 6) I do plenty of magazine illustration, the short high pressure deadlines can be punishing but it's very satisfying work. Seeing your images on the front cover of magazines is a real buzz.


Magazine design

Front cover image from Digital Vision's quarterly magazine. One of my faves.


Book design

I do a lot of book and magazine work, I'm in the process of converting all my old Quark files to InDesign format on the G5.


Album Cover Art

Re:loaded CD cover for Digital Vision. I love the design, I really nailed the brief with this one, but I'm thinking about redoing the colours. My portfolio is getting a long overdue overhaul at the moment, I'm looking forward to fixing up a few dodgy decisions made by clients.


Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Transmission Central

Unity, London 2004. Unity was a great model, she added a lot of personality to this shoot. The light FX were created in Illustrator and Photoshop, I get asked a lot about this. I draw them as basic curved lines in Illustrator, then stroke them with various widths and opacities of airbrush in Photoshop. If there's any demand I'll post up a quick tutorial.


Particles close-up

Visible lights as particles, in Cinema 4D.


Computer Arts tutorial feature

Illustration+Photoshop tutorial, Computer Arts magazine. This is a five page feature, it'll be in the next edition of the mag.

Pretty particles

Experimenting with particles in Cinema 4D, Dual 2Ghz Powermac G5 and Tiger.


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